Bricked your player? - read this


I registered so I could maybe help some others.

I already use a different brand of player but recently wanted to add another, long story short I picked up a WDTV Live Plus.

I connected it via HDMI through a receiver to the TV, configured it all was good. I then did the firmware upgrades, seems they are stepped and you cannot just update to the latest version.

Anyhow after 2 or 3 updates I hit one that appeared to brick the device, no video and just one light on the front was on. I waited patiently but no video ever appeared, unplugged restarted same deal. Then I googled and found this site and a wake of people who bricked their devices and were returning them.

What I discovered is that the player had switched video outputs, I tried the other output plugs and found it had defaulted to component, the firmware upgraded and I was back in business.

Sadly the player does not meet my needs so I am returning it  however, this may be a solution for you.

Thank you for the information.