Bricked n900 central

locked up from i guess putting mac address of cable modem on mac filter did a reboot and all i get is wireless connectivity. modem wont show up. cant get into dashboard. tried reset for 10seconds and even up to a minute under the router tried everything i know to do but this things seems bricked. i need help with a factory reset somehow other than the reset button under the router. tried ethernet cable to pc and get connectivity but no internet access, even cant access the dashboard. if i could reach dashboard i could undo what i messed up. i know i allowed the mac address filter so i dont know what i did. please help

When you turn on the unit, does the power LED go solid or does it remain flashing?

well if i just turn it off then turn it on it turns the lights on n steady. if i hold reset for 10 seconds it resets then just blinks the power and storage light. n stays like that until i turn it off then on again. i just need to find out how to get to dashboard.

Are you holding down the reset button before powering on the unit? This will not reset the configuration.

Make sure you turn On the unit, wait ~2 mintes to let it boot up. Then use a paperclip and press and hold the reset button inside the bottom cover for ~10 seconds then let go. Make sure you’re holding the button down because if it slips you’ll simple reboot the unit instead of resetting it’s configuration.

I would suggest hitting with a brick or maybe a hammer, it might be more productive.  Good luck