Bricked My Cloud Home 8TB

Dear users,

I have bought a case of MyCloud Home 8TB unopened without the hard drive. I was the first user to set It up but without any success. I have bought new WD Red NAS 4TB hard drive and when I connect it to the board I cannot log in to the platform. Can someone please send me a link of virgin image to set it up correctly?
Thank you in advance.

Where did you buy your My Cloud Home? If it came in a box showing it is 8TB I would have to say someone removed the hard drive and sold you the device without a hard drive.

I have bought it from Germany without the hard drive for very cheap. That is why I need virgin image

These links come from the Knowledge Base, I don’t know if they will help.

Nope. I have tried everything. Even tried to use Virgin image from My Cloud for my 4TB hard drive but no success. I only get stuck at boot loop

After a long night I managed to boot up the device and view it in my router. I can see that It has got IP address but I cannot manage it from my mobile or PC. The device is not responding to setup. Can someone please help me?

If you brought an My Cloud Home 8TB without the Hard drive, then it is possible that someone might have damaged it when removing the hard drive.

The other thing is that WD might put a failsafe in place to prevent tampering, ie the swapping of Hardware etc…

Another thing I have thought of, is that the device you have brought could be fake, and is not the original WD MY Cloud Home device.
If that is the case then, you will not be able to login to my cloud with it.