Bricked after 2 days! Advice required

I purchased a 6TB my cloud home 4 days ago now and backed up all data that was stored on my laptop and old external hard drive.

The contents of these files are personal company accounts, and the internal IT records for a startup I was part of where the CEO absconded with £6M in company cash last year. These files are required for various ongoing investigations and events and I had chosen the WD drive to provide a back up to the dodgy old external drive that I have been convinced is on it’s way out.

On backup of these devices, I was going to purchase a further WD drive to mirror back up the cloud but haven’t got round to it. (I wasn’t expecting to need to in two days)

I tried to get access to the drive whilst out of the house and it was unavailable so had my wife disconnect the network cable and re-connect. The drive then went off and has been inaccessible since.

I have tried soft resetting and have purchased an alternative power supply to ensure the issue was not something simple.

The drive is obviously under warranty but after speaking with the lawyers I have been advised that under no circumstances should this information be released no matter what the NDA agreements may be.

I am clutching at straws that someone may have an idea as other than ripping open the case and voiding the warranty to get access to the physical drive I have no idea of where to go with this.

Any help would be appreciated.

could you fix it? the same happens to me