Brick after firmware update v1.0.0.18(2.010)


I want to explain how I solve this issue, because I took me few hours. From the beginning…

I have a WD external HD: My Passport Essential (EDBAAA50000AWT). I saw an update, of the SmarWare and of the firmware in the website, so I decided to update both. I´m running a Mac, so I followed the instructions in the website.

Only after I have ended the process I realize that in the bottom part of the web, after all the links, there is and advice: “This information is applicable only to this drive model, manufactured after June 15, 2010.”. So, because my WD is older, the result was a brick. (It´s a bit hidden, and also there is no notification in the updater. I think this is why a lot of people are with this issue. Also because in the web, in the part of how to remove the Virtual CD (VCD) Manager there are not a warning or similar)

I was reading few other post in this website, but no one with a clear solution for me. I tried to connect the drive in Mac and Windows, without result: NO DETECTED. I thought in open the HD, and connect it directly trough a SATA connexion.

Finally I manage to download an older version (PC - Windows) of the updater, so I took another computer and I had run the firmware updater. It´s the v2.003( I took it from UserDrivers (sorry if it´s not allow to put references to other websites, but I was looking a way to find older firmwares in the WD website, but I did´t manage).

It was a perfect solution, no the HD is working again, without any apparent damage to the information inside the HD.

I hope this will help to other people with the same problem. And I hope also from the people of WD a dramatic change in the firmware installer, and in the warnings of the website. Also a database of older firmwares could be nice.


YIPPEE - many thanks for that posting - I encountered the same problem and nearly died!!! I followed your instructions and managed to recover the drive and it’s now working properly.

You’re right - WD need to get their act together updating firmware - this should never happen.

Bless you for figuring out the cure.


Also remember, a firmware update shouldn’t be applied just because it’s available, even if it is compatible with your model. Read what changes or fixes the update addresses and if your drive doesn’t suffer from any of the faults addressed by the update then don’t apply it!

ive been having the same problem w/ mine, but how did u get the updated firmware off so that u could install the older one?

Very Good Post!!


It also does not let me use the older firmware tool.did you do anything special or just got lucky?