Breaqk down after latest Firmware update

Hi, I made the latest update yesterday.

After the update the Live Hub dosn’t work anymore!!

I start the Hub and on my screen is the hint “no signal”, then I **bleep** it down, start again and the screen looks like somebody crashed the screen, green, red and blue stripes all over the screen, after 20 seconds the strpes disapear the the hint “no signal” is again on the screen.

What to do??

I assume that you are linked via an HDMI lead. For some reason the hub is unable to find out the correct resolution for your TV (not uncommon). Connect via a composite lead and see if you can update the HDMI connection manually. You could also try to reset your hub. Press the bottom paperclip button for a few seconds and then release with the hub fully booted up (front LED has stopped flashing)

Hi,thank you very much.

How can I install the HDMI connection manually?

And what is the paperclip button?