Brand new WD7500BPKX not recognized by the bios of my Dell M4800


I’ve just bought a WD7500BPKX to install it as a secondary HDD in my DELL Precision M4800.

First I tried to put the HDD in a secondary dock instead of the CDROM of my laptop. Then the windows 7 Enterprise 64bit became very slow to start up. And the HDD was not detected in the windows storage management tool.

Then I checked in the BIOS … HDD was not recognized.

Second test, I replaced the main HDD of my laptop by the WD7500BPKX. At the BIOS level … HDD was not recognized.

Third and last test, I put the HDD in a external USB box. I plug it into an USB port of my laptop. And now the HDD is found by windows and seems to work well.

I don’t understand why the HDD is not recognized when it is plugged inside my laptop on a SATA port.

Before sending back the HDD, I ask you if I miss something to make it work fine in my laptop? or if it seems to be a HDD failure?



im a user like you

but i think you should thank DELL for all the limitations…  i think is the BIOS that doesnt let the drive work fine but lets wait for experts :slight_smile: