Brand new WD10EALX problem

I bought myself new WD10EALX about 10 days ago and from the start i had problems with it. At first it gave me boot problem, hangs at POST (didn’t pass), problem with formating, comunication problem and at the end bad sectors. I tried, new SATA cables, different pover cable, tried with another sata port on MB but all i managed is to stop comunication error number to rise more. I also tried Low Level format with WD Tool, formated without using quick format but no improvement . I have two mor WD disks and no problem with them.

return or rma the brand new drive

I did return HDD to the retail shop i bought it, now i have to wait so they could test it, if they find out that hdd is ■■■■ they need to send it to the importer/supplier so they could do some test on it to and decide what to do next. All that is not promissing that they will replace the drive. In short i’m stuck for some time, without the drive untill they decide what will they do with it.