Brand new WD My Passwport Ulta - Device flashes but Windows 10 does not recognise it

Hi All - hope someone can help with my issue

I recently received a brand new My Passport Ultra 5tb drive. After connecting the drive via the USB C cable to my PC I note the device flashes white, but when I go to ‘This PC’ to see all available drives I do not see it and Windows 10 does not recognise it. I do not know what I am supposed to do and I really need to back up important personal data.

Thanks in advance

In some cases, the storage device is not properly connected to a computer and it cannot be recognized, for example, there might be something wrong with the power supply, cable or USB port, etc. Hard drive capacity is unallocated. The disk is not enabled in bios or device manager.

I suggest you to try the below solutions once & share the outcome:

  1. Check the USB port
  2. Update the disk drivers
  3. Partition & Format the drive

does the disk show up in the device manager? if it does you may need to partition and format the disk for use initially.