Brand New WD Live Hub Keeps Crashing/ restarting

Hey I got mine today and have connected it to my network, every time I have tried to transfer a 720p movie (4GB) to the hub it crashes when there is about 15 seconds lefts of the transfer. Also, was just watching a smaller TV program which is already on the internal memory of the Hub and it shut down and restarted half way through. 

Is there something I have done wrong when setting this up? It is connected to an ethernet Hub, then I’m connecting to it through my network which I assumed was normal.

These are two separate issues, but not sure if they are somehow related.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

Okay had some more time to play about and seems like I have no issue getting bigger files on there, but it keeps crashing about 10-30 minutes into any HD video files. I’m not streaming these either the hub is wired to my Ethernet hub. Can anyone help? :frowning:

I’m sending this back.