Brand new WD fail with all my data on it!

Hi All, 

I’ve had a WD My Book Essential 2Tb external HD for 3 days… 2 of them were amazing! I partitioned it into 2, (a) and (b) Now the icons will not load on my desktop… and they do not appear in disk utility! Occasionally the Main HD does in Disk Utility but the 2 partitions appear unmounted and when i ran a repair, it just said that it couldn’t fix it. After that, I’m just getting nothing. Please help, it has ALL my music, photo’s and data on! 

Soooo unimpressed! 

Thanks for any advice

Did you disconnected the USB cable without ejecting the my book first? If it’s still recognized on the disk utility you can use a data recovery program and then format it to start using it again.

 try R-studio