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I have an older My Book Essential Edition USB 2.0 500 GB that was given to me. It has a kazillion songs on it, some I would like to keep. I bought a small My Passport Essential USB 2.0 500 GB to use. I have an HP TouchSmart PC that has existing ITunes library I would also like to put on the new Passport. I don’t want to lose any ITunes songs I have in transferring data. Can someone please talk me through this? I am a novice at both computers and definately trying to do this the correct way without losing info or messing up either or both external drives. Is wat I want to do even possible? Thanks for your help…the easier the better.  

I hope you are using two PCs and not Mac.

I just like to know whether you keep those important music files on My Book Essential Edition USB 2.0 500 GB. Were they copied to drive using Smartware or by simple copy and paste method? If they were copied using copy and paste method, you would see them on Windows explorer. If you can’t see them, following method will not work for you.

First download Microsoft SyncToy from this link.

MS SyncToy

Once the download is completed, setup SyncToy as you would normally install any application on PC. Once completed, connect both WD drives to same PC. Now launch SyncToy  application. Follow the instructions and create two folder set as Music. Now select existing music folder from the left  selection and select the new drive on the right with same folder name. (name could be anything)

To clarify this method reed info on download web page as well help info on the SyncToy application. Once sync is completed, you’ll have a mirror image of the contents of the old drive in the new drive

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Thanks for the help, and can’t wait to try this solution this weekend. I’ll let you know.