Brand new Passport not recognized by Mac

This Passport is brand new, just arrived today. I connected it and it started to work but then I got a message that there was a problem (wish I would have written it down) and failure. The USB info under System Information says it is there but it doesn’t show up on the desktop or as an option when I open TimeMachine. I have tried what I can following the trouble shooting suggestions and nothing helps.

A new Passport would be formatted for Windows out of the box unless you purchased one that says “My Passport for Mac”. You would need to format the drive for Mac in order to use it.

It ia a Passport for Mac. Since posing my problem I have opened WD Drive Utilities and tried to run Complete Drive Test. The first attempt was over 40% complete when I had to leave. When I returned 2 hours later hoping everything would be resolved, the test had aborted at some point. I am trying to run it again but things are going even slower. The light is on, the unit is warm and vibrating very gently.

Hello @Steve_DeSerano If you have not opened a support case with us, please PM me your contact information.
I will also PM you as well.

First time on here. How do I PM you, please. Thanks.