Brand new MyNet1300 and can't register

I finished the set-up process and it is asking me to register my product, however, I have tried to do it 5 times and every time it says “registration failed”.   Any idea why this might be happening?

Try using the regular WD reigstration page , not the one that shows up at the end of set-up. I had the same problem and was able to register my N750 using the link below.

On the website it specifies that the registration password must be (and I haven’t looked for a while, so the detail may be wrong) eight letters or more, use capitals and lowercase, and a number. It doesn’t tell you any of that detail on the router interface. I wasted a long time registering, re-registering, all rejected, because I was using a password that didn’t meet the criteria.

Having seen what was required on the web, I tried it from the router, and it worked first time.

Would have been easy to include the detail on the router, guess nobody thought to bother…