Brand New MyBook Essential 3.0 doesn't even register when connected to PC

So I’m wondering if any of you have run into this problem…

I just bought and unwrapped a new MyBook 2TB 3.0 (w/o 3.0 PCIe card)…problem is when i plugged it into my laptop Vista Ultimate SP2’s 2.0 usb ports…nothing. happened.AT ALL. …It didnt even register that there was a new device. It’s supposed to be fully compatible with 2.0 USB’s, So i thought it might be my drivers so I updated all through Win Device Manager. Still nada. 

I even tried connecting it to my desktop pc which is running Win os7 and it didnt even register on that unit. all 8 x usb ports and still nothing. 

For clarification, I plugged the device into a direct power point and an extension plug thing and it seems to work fine, the light comes on and you can hear it starting up after you press the power button. But it just doesn’t do anything when connected to a PC or laptop.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I have just emailed WD support by the way,  but I wanted to see if anyone else had run into the same problem?? Hoping someone out there can help me please!!!

Try going through the troubleshooting links in this post


No one should go through this kind of ordeal when he or she bought a brand new product from any manufacture. They are supposed to be Plug & Play devices and not Plug & Pray devices. Plug & Pray situations are more common on current line of WD external storage products.

My best advice is, to return the ridiculous product to the point of purchase and get exchange or refund. It is your decision whether to stick with the same brand or look elsewhere. If you wish to switch brands get assertion that newly chosen brand would do the same if you return their product.

Good Luck

I’d try to take it back where you bought it. sounds like something is wrong with it.


Some drives may become DOA (Dead on Arrival) due to ridicules packaging techniques WD employs.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a video from YouTube. 12 or 13 year old trying open it! :smileyvery-happy:

FYI: WD now employs improved packaging method for their newer releases.