Brand new My Passport Ultra 2TB doesn't show up on media player

For 2 years I have used a WD My Passport Ultra external hard disk. I used it to stream videos via a China made 1080 HD media player on a 50" flat LG TV.I have this set up on two places (same TV, same media player), one in the bedroom and one in the living room. Last week My Passport started to have problems. It didn’t show up on my PC and on neither of my media players. So I bought a new one, My Passport Ultra 2.5" 2TB. I started to load it with a few videos, connected it to my media player : DIDN’T SHOW UP. Tried it also on the other media player: same result: HD is not recognized.No problem on the computer.
I asked an acquaintance of mine and he said: format it, so I formatted it, created a folder “MUSIC” and put only one small mp4 file on it. I tried it on the media player. Nada, doesn’t show up.

Have I purchased a faulty disk? Can anybody help me, please?

dunno, what have you formatted to ? NTFS, ExFAT, FAT32, HFS etc ?

I used the formatting tool provided by windows, right click and chose “format” It’s formatted from NTFS to NTFS. Is that wrong? Please tell me how to proceed. Right now I’m using DLG (Data Lifeguard) and busy running the quick and extended tests.

Personally, when i reformat / wipe a HDD … i delete the Partition 1st then Create the New Partition and format it NTFS

Have you tried a thumbdrive / flashdrive on these “China” Media Players ? do they play they video files ?

Yes, they show up. I opened a new thread, have a look.

I’m now 99.99% sure that I got a faulty disk.There’s no other explanation.