Brand new My Cloud

I’ve been researching how to set up a new My Cloud (3 TB) and have a few questions.

Can I and how:

  1. add a new My Book Studio (4 TB) to expand the full functionality to My Cloud and have it configured for sharepoints?

  2. use My CLoud to back up 1 Mac Book Pro; 2 Windows 7 installs; 2 iPhones; and 2 Linux installs?

  3. completely bypass WD authentication services and enable remote access?

  4. provide access to family members who are not co-located?

Thanks in advance for your guidance and wisdom!



I’m expecting deliver later today and am hoping that there are a few responses to this thread.

  1. safepoint, not sharepoin. yes you can however a lot of people have issues with adding USB disks. I would not add one until everything else is stable, set manual firmware upgrades and remove it before any upgrade and leave it off until everything is stable again

  2. easy to a degree, all possiable with a little work, mac - timemachine, PC - smartware, iphone - WD mycloud app, Linux NFS mounts. there are a lot of other chiches for backups and you could probably find 1 that supports mac, PC and maybe Linux

  3. not supported, some people have. I don’t recommend it

  4. yes. add them as a user, setup permissions, add there email address and they get an email from WD. I suggest using the WD mycloud app for remote access instead of finder/file explorer with

since you seem to have Linux experiance I would enable SSH and make periodic backups of /etc/samba/overall_share there seems to be a bug that can truncate or corrupt this file

the device is very low powered so be patient getting it setup and loaded. after this it seems to work fairly well

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Thank you larry0 for your timely consice response.

I’d like your thoughts on why you reccomend against entirely bypassing WD authentication services.From my perspective WD is a fine hardware manufacturer with a proven track record.

While I’m relatively certain that they have fine infosec policies and procedures in place for THEIR enterprise I am reluctant to trust them with all my data. I’m pretty judicios with my use of public clouds such as Google and Adobe and prefer to TNO (trust No One) when it comes to my personal documents. I really purchased this to insure the privacy of my family’s documents.