Brand new My Book World Edition 2TB goes into standby all the time!

I bought this drive yesterday to use as a permanently attached Network Drive (so far so good)…

I took it out of the box, connected it up and updated the firmware thinking it can only improve things (this is where things all go pear-shaped)…

I am trying to fill my shiney new NAS with information that it was bought for (approximately 1.5TB), but every few (about 10) GB it goes into sleep mode and falls off my Network even while it’s recieving data!!

I have it setup with a Fixed IP but it will not appear again unless I power cycle it.

This is not good for a drive that just cost me £140 / $220.

Any suggestions to fixing this or (judging by other replies in the forum) is it going back to the shop?

Did you turn off HDD standby on the settings? It’s on by default :neutral_face: