Brand new My Book Live with network errors

I just installed a 2TB My Book Live on my all Mac network. Everything for the local network works perfectly such as Time Machine and public and private shares. However, actions that require the drive to reach the Internet fail with the useless message “Communication error. Please see knowledge Base article 5657.” Obviously, there’s no problem with the LAN (cables or switches) or the Macs wouldn’t be able to access their private folders.

These functions return the error: registration and setting a new primary date/time server. Trying to create a MioNet account returns: “Failed to connect to MioNet server. Please check your network setup or contact your network admin.” Oddly enough, the Alert & Event Notifications works perfectly. Test emails and notifications such as for a reset have been sent without issue. That proves the physical connection through the router. Updates supposedly checks online and reports the firmware is up to date. (MyBookLive 01.02.03 : MioNet

I’ve turned off everything I can find for security and firewall protection in the router without any change. Both DHCP and a static IP address were tried. In case it matters, this is all hardwired – no wireless hop(s) involved. I’m out of ideas. Any suggestions out there?

This is weird. If it can send an email and check for updates that means it can connect to the internet. Must be something with your router. Maybe its firewall is blocking certain ports? Lack of internet access is usually caused by firewall rules, mac address filtering, wrong default gateway, or port forwarding rules. On my router DHCP is enabled and the MBL is set to DHCP.  With some routers you have to turn it off and back on in order for new settings to be active. Also just noticed that I have for my MBL 1 TB firmware 01.03.03 MioNet so yours is not actually checking for updates. I can’t think of anything else.

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support