Brand new laptop, cloned HDD to SSD before setting up Windows 10. What cloning tool will make SSD bootable?

Hi, I bought a new Lenovo T580 laptop, ordered it with the smallest, 500 GB, hard drive. I then purchased a WD 2 TB SSD. I used Aomei BackerUpper pro to clone the original 500 GB HDD to the 2 TB SSD, but when I install the SSD into the laptop, the laptop won’t boot.

I tried the DISKPART fixes but on BOOTREC /FixBoot I get “Access denied”. I’ve tried assigning a drive letter and letting Windows 10 attempt repairs, but still the laptop won’t boot from the new SSD.

Should I let Windows 10 install on the original HDD then clone it? Does Acronis do a better job of cloning to SSD? I’ve had the new laptop for 5 months and try different things when I have time, it’s still not usable.


You should try Acronis. I just used it and it worked well. Find it here by scrolling down some: