Brand new Elements Play won't play FLAC files


I have just unboxed a WD Elements Play and it won’t play any of my flac audio files. Says I must read the documentation for supported files. The box clearly says it supports FLAC. It only seems to play .mp3 but all my music is ripped to FLAC. The files play just fine on WinAmp and other media players(e.g. TVix).

Hoping this is a known issue? Firmware is 10.01.12.



What sample rates are your FLAC files actually coded to?  And what were they encoded with?

The manual clearly says the chip is physically incapable of decoding FLAC above 48kHz rates and the website says to see the manual for the codec limitations.

So you did download the .pdf file and check the limitations of the chipset and make sure it would play your files before you bought it, right?  And all your FLAC files are within the 8-48kHZ range? 

Over 95% of my files are 44.1KHz. Very few are high-res and I didn’t even bother trying those with my unit as I expected them not to play, but not the 44.1kHz files. All files were ripped with Exact Audio Copy.

welcome to the club. this product is a rip-off of the customer. it has 0 support, unfinished firmware a it is already dead even before it was finished. all people who have this one should return it because there will be no update of the fw in the future.

  • other issues: cant play music with TV off, a-v out of sync after pause, resetting video resolution randomly, has problems with many a/v formats for reasons unknown, etc, etc
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I wanted to love it but could not stand the tiny font and the ‘incomplete’ user interface, in addition to not being able to play files it was supposed to be able to play. I have given it away.