Brand new drive lost permissions?

Hi, I recently purchased a 6TB drive that was working perfectly fine(currently has 90gbs on it) however in the middle of transferring yet another file an error happened that wouldn’t allow any more. I’m not very tech savvy but from what I can tell all of the permissions that it once had have somehow been changed. I can read the files already on there but can’t create new folder, copy anything new to it or write anything to it. How do I fix this without formatting? I have nowhere else to backup the 90gb of files already on there.


See if this helps


To get access to your hard drive just follow the below steps:

  • Do right click on the particular drive and click on properties.
  • Now, go to security tab and click on Edit button
  • After this, click your name Under Group or user name. This will show you the permissions you have to access the file and folder.