Brand New 6TB Live Duo. Cannot Convert to Raid 1

Just bought a brand new 6TB Live Duo and tried to convert it to Raid 1 Mirror and use it as a backup drive.

When i tried to convert it gave me an error and said i must try again. So i rebooted it but gave the same error. I then reset it to factory settings and now it shows Capacity 0GB of 0TB and when i try do the conversion to raid 1 i get the following error.

31807 - Internal Server Error. Please retry your last operation.

When will WD ever have a Nas drive that works??? 

try resetting with the button

this is definitely not standard… you might just have a bad unit exchange at place of purchase if possible

If you still have this error, please PM me. I want to get your system log to send to development.

I did send a report via online support, but ended up getting the unit replaced by my supplier.