Brain teaser: PS3 kills WD media player

I have a strange problem… I’ve been enjoying watching movies from my WD media player ( on my Samsung TV - via a HDMI cable.  Things have been going great.  Then I get a Playstation3… and this is where it gets weird.  I take the HDMI out of the back of the media player and connect the PS3 with it.  The PS3 goes through its initial set up and works fine.  I then take the HDMI out from the back of the PS3 and connect the media player again- but instead of working perfectly (like it did before) I get the error message from the TV saying: Mode not supported.  

In the TV’s manual ( …under this error message comes the advice: “Check the supported resolution of the TV and adjust the external device’s output resolution accordingly. Refer to resolution settings in this manual.”

I’m not sure what happened, or why something that did work now doesn’t, but I get a sense it has nothing to do with my WD media player, since nothing changed with this, however perhaps the PS3 altered the settings of the television??.. and now the TV and the media player can’t speak with one another??    

I’ve tried resetting the WD player to its original settings (via the reset hole/button), and it’s been held in long enough to fully reset itself.  That’s all good, but the problem persists… 

Has anyone else had this issue?  Or knows how to resolve it?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

the problem is obviously with the TV

the TV and the device connected has to do what’s called an HDMI handshake

sounds like what is happening

is that handshake with the ps3 was successfull

then simply pluggin in the WD did not re-initiate a new handshake

I’d probably reset the TV

or you could connect a component cable temporarily just to get to the settings in WD to reinitiate handshake

I would also turn OFF  “Control for HDMI” in the PS3 Settings > System Settings in case that’s the cause.

Also whenever you’re un-plugging and plugging a HDMI Cable always make sure the TV is OFF …

plug the HDMI cable in, then Switch the TV back on.

Out of curiosity, your TV has 4 HMDI Inputs … have you used them all up ?