Box has a mind of its own!

I’ve a WDTV LIve box, running latest firmware and is over 12 months old now.

Noticed lately a few times the box was switched on when I hadn’t switched it on - such as coming home from work etc.

Thought of the possibility of a powercut and that was making the box switch on.  However, it is not.

I’ve seen it just turn on with my own eyes, turn it off again and a few minutes later it was back on!

More annoyingly, the box is rebooting while watching films or TV shows.  Can be really annoying when you have to FF an hour or more into a film, hoping that it won’t restart by itself.

I was also just coping some files to a USB drive attached it to and the box rebooted 3 times in 30 minutes!

Is this a faulty box?  I could understand firmware being an issue with it rebooting, but why is it turning itself ON when it’s OFF?

Thanks for any help!

Spurious IR?

Cover the IR sensor on the front and see what happens.

also check the power cord, make sure it is not lose.

are you using an ups / power regulator / nothing ?

No UPS or anything - I’ve moved it to a different socket and made no difference.

I found somethig in the general forum about the Virgin Media Hub and setting the UPnP and since I changed that setting the box hasn’t come back on by itself - 2 days now!  So something like a “Wake on LAN” turning it on?

I’m about to watch some TV on it, let’s hope it doesn’t reboot itself either :slight_smile: