Box freezing when accessed over network

I’ve had my Live Hub for months, and it’s worked fine without a hitch.  Has had a 2.5TB HFS (non-journaled) USB drive attached with all my movies since day 1, and I access it from my MacBook Pro over the network to add movies, etc.  It’s worked great, no hassle at all.

The other morning I came downstairs, logged onto my MacBook Pro and noticed the network drive had been disconnected.  WD Live Hub no longer showed up as a device in Finder either.

I tried re-connecting, but if failed.  I then used my TV remote to try access the Live Hub and realised it was frozen.  I rebooted the Live Hub, and everything seemed fine (I could play movies on it from thhe USB drive and I could see it on the network via the Mac again).  I open the network folder on the Mac, and I could see my TV Shows folder, Movies folder, etc.  However when I opened the Movies folder, and tried to click on a file, I got the spinning beachball of death on my Mac and again the Live Hub was locked up.

As I said, this started happening all of a sudden - it worked fine when I went to bed, and didn’t work when I got up! Nothing changed in between!

I’ve rebooted Mac and Live Hub several times, and eveyrthing works fine after each reboot until I try to do anything with a file over the network, then it happens again.  Any ideas?

I’ve been noticing alot of network related issues lately.

Previously, I have had no problems ripping a DVD directly to the Hub while it was in use - either playing a movie or while it was connected to Nexflix. At some point within the last couple months this has started causing problems.

If the Hub is connected to Netflix - it will drop connection once the buffer is clear and if anyone is watching a movie we’ll get intense video hitching but normal audio playback.

I have noticed that this isnt as bad if the media library is turned off, but it still happens.

I thought there may be an issue with the switch, but the smart tv can connect to netflix fine when this is going on and its on the same switch.

Additionally, many times when the device is being accessed remotely it will cause the UI to freeze up for minutes at a time - likewise, this is lessened with the media library turned off.