Box Cover Issue

I dont know if this is a WD Live issue or a My Book Essential issue.  I already have one My Book Essential (3tb) and when I did the “Get Content Info” on my first one, I got the box cover and the info.  With my new one, I get the file name changing from something like “horrible bosses.m2ts” to “Horrible Bosses”, but no box cover.  In examining the My Book I see the xml file and the .jpg for the box cover…but it is not displayed.  

Any thoughts?

Weird, try to connect the drive to your computer and delete the WDTV folder, and try again.

I had the same problem, but for me i got the info on all the videos. And then i turned the box of. Unplugged it and put the power back in after 20 seconds. Then all the info and cover showed up. Hope this helps… :smiley:

I will try that…