Box art display differences between NFS and Samba


I have a WD TV Live SMP with latest firmware and currently using the Mojo theme. I have a FreeNAS setup containing all of my movies each in its own folder. I used Thumbgen to create the box art for each movie. I use 'Large Grid View" for the browser display type, so I get two rows of seven images. Due to the rather lackluster CIFS performance when playing VIDEO_TS, I currently would like to utilize the NFS protocol for connecting to the NAS.


When using the NFS protocol for streaming the movies all of the folders inside of my library show up as the default folder icon. When using CIFS they are displayed as desired where each of the corresponding box art pictures is displayed on the screen.

Additional info:

If I open one of the movie folders I am presented with the video file and it has the correct box art displayed for its icon. (currently only tested with NFS but believe it works for CIFS as well)

After reading some other threads on this forum I found out that my current issue with CIFS may be due to a bug within the CIFS client on the SMP when accessing VIDEO_TS rips. Therefore I might be able to encapsulate all of my movies into mkv files and go back to using CIFS, but not sure if this will become an issue later on with higher bitrate BD rips. 

I think I may have figured out a work around or solution to getting the box art to be displayed. Simply copy/rename what ever file you want to be the folder icon to “folder.jpg”. If I have the time I will confirm this tomorrow.

if you get it to work with NFS I would stay with that as CIFS has stuttering problems with medium/high bitrate files.

Yeah that is what I am shooting for.