Bought new laptop how to transfer files and folders? edited: Retrieving data for Windows 8.1

Hello I just bought new laptop how can I transfer alll my folders and files back to my new lap top? Every thing is on my “WD My book Live”

Do you have a  link that I can check out?

Thanks in advance :smiley:


Well, presumably you’d use the same software you used to back up your laptop to the My Book Live to restore them to the new laptop.

What software did you use?

I have a software named

1.- “WD My Cloud” (Cannot draw and drop folders, only copy and paste pe 10 files at a time…)

2.- “My book live dash board” that takes me to the 19.168… adress in a internet browser and does not load…

3.- “My book live public share” and I click it and nothin happens… after a few minutes: Windows cannot acces \192.168… on the details it says: “The Network path was not found” 

4.- “My book live learning center” that is obviously where I fonf all of this WD software but I sincerely dont know whats hapening.

Im not a TEC guy… just a simple mortal pc user.

Thanks in advance:smiley:

Hold on a sec.   In your first post, you said:

Rogelio wrote:

Every thing is on my “WD My book Live”

How did you get everything on your My Book Live in the first place?   Do the same thing in reverse – move (or copy) them from the My Book Live to your new PC.

I used the earlier version of the software, now that I bought this new laptop I used the one for Windows 8.1

Remember that I also said: “I can only copy paste per 10 files at a time” or something like that…

I tried to move an entire folder and it goes as a zip folder… is this the only way? I mean I just want to recover all my files back but it seems that nobody can answer the question if theres a way to do it.

The software does not have an option to do this, it doesnt even let me use the “shift down arrow” to select my files, or the “ctrl, shift, end” so that I can “CRTL C” and then “CRTL V” I have to: click my mouse in the starting file up top, then holding down Shift click the one on the bottom (10 files max…) and then click the file explorer and paste it and wait an eternity for the 10 files to copy. I ave tried to do this non stop and t always fails… (I have 6gb of RAM and a “I3” procesor so I dont think its a computer issue…) 

But Im more interested in just doing everything in one step! Is there a way? This is an example of how my software looks like, I dont see a button any where where it says “retrieve data” or maybe “back up”…

Thanks in advance:smiley:

Are you away from your MBL right now? If not, why are you using the remote access software?

If you’re on your own network, just connect to the share and copy it all over.

What is “connect to the share and copy it all over” can you please explain? Thanks

What is Share?

RESOLVED THE FIRST STEP! I managed to get in the network. Funny that no boby suggested me that… I resolved it getting to the

1.- File explorer

2.- clicking network

3.- Opening the networks and sharing center (Mi home) so after I opened it BUM!!! an Icon apeared at the bottom in storage:

4.- Cicking the Storage device (according to your home drive)

And BUM!!! the famous 168.923… stuff that opens in the internet browser finally works and WALA!!!

So next step is to recover all of my files!!! I’ll keep you posted!

Remember I have windows 8.1!!!

Edited: How did I remember or noticed it? I opened the user manual and noticed the black background of the WD software and mine did not had that but I remembered that when I first bought it came with a CD so I couldnt find it so theres a topic here on the comunity that says lost my instalation CD and there was something there that made the “auto response” and I went in to networks and bla bla bla I already explain that from steps 1-4 Thanks

So I finally found what in this forum I did not regards windows 8.1 RETRIEVING the backup data, yes the word is RETRIEVING (or maybe I had to invest 1 weeks worth of time looking for topics available like guys like me looking for answers like this… such basic stuff that non of the pro’s here present answer… or answer according to our understanding like beginners like me…)

It will help a lot to have the Owners Manual open so you can have clues on how to proceed. Its not as clear and is not updated on windows 8.1 or at least I did not find one…

Step #1: do the mouse thing movement (right to left) so that this menu appears and click on “search”

Step #2 Type “SmartWare” because this is the program that needs to be used to do backups and retrieve the data

Step #3 Click on it and “the logo with the gear’s in the head of a dude” lol! will appear

When this happens you will begin to smile because you are already there!!!:smileyvery-happy:

What I was having dificulties with is that I was going to the program downloads in the web for WD software and I was downloading this same program of the “head gear dude” but nothing was happening… so this is what I did and WALA! everything changed in my life!!! lol!

So once youre in just follow the steps of putting your usser and password and start retrieving, its a peace of cake once youre here (Dont forget to read the users manual at every time, everything is there for windows 7 and from there you can figure things out for windows 8.1 like me!)