Bought In UK no sound in Canada


Hey Ive brought my player over to Canada from the UK on Holiday (dedication or what) but when hooked up to the tv in the house am getting no sound on any file .avi or .mkv.   could it be that the tv does not support it at all or is it more likely just a setting I am missing.   I am using an HDMI cable from WDtv to the TV so would expect teh sound to run through that (lect the other cables at home)   the tv is a samsung p4663w  and only has one HDMI slot…  its connected through a reciever for sound although this is not working so the sound comes out via the tv and is also connected to a shaw cable HDTV box…  really hope someone can help as I brought a load of stuff over for my parents to watch and can’t get it going…

thanks alot in advance


Try setting the AUDIO OUT setting under “Video/Audio Options” to STEREO. 

Some TV’s won’t process all formats of “Digital” audio, and Stereo forces the WDTV to do the decoding for it and send straight 2-channel audio.


i should have mentioned that I tried this as it seems like the no 1 solution, i spent a good while lat night researching this until I posted on here as I didn’t want to ask a stupid question with an easy answer :)    I will go give it another go right now though just in case i was so frustrated last night i did something stupid…


Since there’s an AVR in the mix, is it possible that the TV speakers are just turned OFF?


who knows Im pretty lost now…   THe tv speakers work when the Tv is on. (the avr doesn’t seem to work at all so I have tried it with it powered on and off still no luck)  the tv is setup using composite cable )  i took the hdmi cable i have and ran it from shaw (cable company) hd box (used for the tv) to the tv again i get a picture but no sound so it seems like a sond issue somewhere…   I may just try rewire the entire thing…  

if i went out and bought a composite cable you wouldn’t get the same quality from the 720p mkv files would you…


No, but depending on the quality of the TV, the picture can still be quite good…


I know this may be a pretty stupid question but it does need to be asked – are you SURE the files you are trying to play will play with sound on the Live?  IOW, are these files you’ve played previously?

We all know there are badly mastered MKV files (made with MKVMerge later than 4.0) that will play on a PC but not on the Live without sound.  I just want you to be sure this isn’t the case here.


I suppose you have the unit configured for NTSC, right?  If it came from the UK it would be configured for PAL, in which case you would either have to configure the box via the display or holding down the reset button with a paperclip for 10 seconds.  But, I don’t think it would be that since you are getting a display?

…actually, come to think of it, that’s display info I’m giving you, which has nothing to do with the problem at hand.  Forget about it, ignore this post then.