Bought a Mycoudhome and do not work

i bought from Amazon second hand device, i down load the application to my mobile i connected in internet the mycloudhome, when i inserted the code the answr was wait updating firmware.
I left connected in internet for 10 days nothing happened device blink slowly but no able to reach by mobile.
I reset and test again, but nothing.
What your suggestion?

Buy from the Western Digital store if you can, with a 2 year warranty and free returns in 30 days. In the US you could usually buy the 4 TB version refurbished by Western Digital for about $100 with free shipping.


Return to seller.

Often the device could be too old with old firmware or the unit defective.

Hello, I bought the product 2 years ago as new. But I have the same problem as you, I have never used it until today, but now I need it. I can’t connect to the product. How do you connect from Windows, I can’t do that either.