Bought a 1TB My Passport SSD and have returned it due to problems

June 17th, 2019 update: returned due to not mounting
June 15th, 2019 update: kept

So many pros and probably no cons except the price and the limited hard drive size if you were to compare it with a 4TB passport that is half the price.

The only reason that I bought one was that it caught my eye when it was on sale at BestBuy. For $250 Canadian I get a 1TB SSD drive that reads and writes at around 500MB/s. Nice toy especially the USB-C connector to my MacBook or USB-C to USB-3.1 when connecting to my MacBook Hub. Bought it thinking it would be great for keeping a bunch of general files locally.

However I have my NAS which gives me an average 80MB/s read/write and that is good enough for most of my daily usage and the NAS is accessible whether my MacBook is connected through a hub or wifi-AC.

I was never much of a USB hard drive guy.

So my purchase arrived today and it is still sitting unopened.

Alternatively for the same price of $250, I could buy 2x4TB drives at $125 each, one for my daughter and one for backing up my NAS. I mean like who needs 540MB/s read/writes?

Has anyone bought one? your thoughts? problems?

My personal opinion is SSD’s are great for running operating systems and applications :slight_smile: … but mechanical hard drives still offer more bang for buck when it comes to storage.

All my PC’s have SSD’s in them … all my Movies, TV Shows and Music are on Non-SSD drives (and all backed up on Non-SSD)

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yeah 1TB is really tiny in storage

exactly… same here…

still fence sitting.

I could use it as my intermediate storage and and even a very fast time machine for backing up my MacBook.

Too bad Costco doesn’t sell this SSD model as playing with it helps sell it.

I’ll give it a few more days for my thoughts…

@JoeySmyth Thanks for your input

This has taken me longer then normal on deciding whether or not to keep the WD SSD but in the end I decided to keep this SSD drive mainly for augmenting my local storage since my MacBook has only 256GB of main storage and most of it is full from sound banks from Logic Pro X.

It was difficult since I’ve been using my MacBook in this fashion for more than several years now and I’ve been trying to live the motto of want not waste not but then again I just bought the Oculus Quest so that really negates my motto; my Oculus is arriving next week.

I have been using a PNY 128GB drive as a supplement to my merger MacBook drive space but this isn’t the first time PNY has proven itself to be problematic as I had a bad PNY SD card in the past that had errors and this PNY USB unit is getting to that stage that it has read errors. Don’t buy PNY Products.

So I finally took a X-acto knife to the WD SSD package and popped it on my MacBook USB-C dock and the first thing that I ran was the BlackMagic Disk Speed test against it and it gave me 470MB/s read/writes via USB 3.

Not bad.

In the end I had to replace my bad PNY USB stick with another USB stick and I realize that not many flash drives offers a high speed read and write. Thus a 1TB WD SSD is probably my best bet at this time, although the 2TB looks tempting, the $500 cost is a much higher fence then the $250 fence that I had to climb over.

I like the size, the very light weight and the fantastic read/write speed of the device making it a great addition to my aging MacBook.

If you have need of a USB flash drive, the WD SSD Passports are something that you should look into as most of the flash drives are slow with meagre amount of storage.