Bought A 1TB External Drive And It Is Dead Already

Title says it all.  I had two Seagate external DRIVES that gave the ghost…the last just this week.  So I decided to buy a My Book Essential 1TB External Drive Model WDBAAF0010HBK-01.  I have just opened and connected in the last 30 minutes and nothing is happening.

Initially, I get the expected  “New device found” and such, but after all that the WIndows New Device Screen pops up.   And it is asking me if I want to use it to find the software.  So I did and it loaded something, but exactly what I am not sure.  So far I have seen nothing else happen…no interface, no messages, nothing.

How do I use this thing?  I tried going to My Computer and the My Book does indeed show up, but when I click on it I get the WIndows Picture And Fax Viewer screen with nothing on it.  Where is the inteface?

There won’t be an interface without software installed. Did you try to simply copy and paste to see if ti worked.


Copy and paste what?