Bought 72TB G-Speed shuttle, It only has 54TB space


Is this normal or have i received wrong drives? Same with my 56TB shuttle, it only has 42TB space available.

Thank you

It means the RAID is formatted as RAID5, which means one drive is on deck as a spare for failover. That RAID is 4 x 18TB = 72TB total. All commercial RAIDS are formatted RAID5 out of the box (3TB+1TB/failover = 54TB useable). Its the best way to run RAID because if one drive fails, you don’t lose all your data. You can replace it and rebuild the bad drive. If you have RAID0 (4TB=72TB useable w/no failover) then you get full capacity (72TB), but if one drive has a bad sector, then you lose EVERYTHING. RAID 5 is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, so I would just leave it at 54TB and RAID 5. If the drive runs 24 hours for 2-4 years the odds are high that you will have bad sectors which will require a replacement and rebuild. If you have RAID0 (72TB), then you will lose all your data. If you leave it RAID5 (54TB + 18 failover), then you will lose no data. It will tell you which drive is bad, then you can swap it and rebuild. If you need 72TB then you will need 4 x 24TB drives in a RAID5 format.

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I dont understand why people buy products they dont understand …