Bose Cinemate II with WD Tv Live

Hi board,

I have a question and was looking for a little assistance.

I have the WD Live hooked up to a Visio Razor 40 inch via hdmi. I was wondering if anyone has ever hooked up the WD Live to a bose cinemate system before? The way the bose cinemate works is all your devices (bluray, cable box, dvd player all hook up to the tv via hdmi. You connect an optical cable from the tv out to the bose module optical in and anything that the tv would play volume wise is sent to the bose system.

I play movie files on my external drive through the media player.

My quesiton in short is this: Has anyone bought or used the bose cinemate with the wd live media player and able to get

sound from the bose speakers?

Any feedback would be great,



This sound intersting, I hope someone provide you with information about this setup.

From our end, we haven’t test that.

Take the audio output of your TV and put it into the audio input of the Bose amp.  You need to check manuals for both the TV and the Bose to find matching kinds of audio connections.  I have my system hooked up like you describe, but instead of optical cable, I use analog audio cables between my TV and stereo amp. I can listen to all my players this way.


I’m using my WD TV Live HD with a Cinemate II and it’s working great.

To be able to use the bose for every sources, i connected it to the optical output of the TV. This way i can enjoy the sound of this great audio system for my WD liven my BR player and my Xbox360. it’s perfect !