Bootup of Hub slow

I got my new hub a few days back and have been busy transferring files to it, setting up thumbnails and all that.

Only issue I have so far (except for folder art not working properly) is that it’s super slow to start up. It takes almost 5 minutes to boot when it’s been turned off.

Is this normal?

It’s only about ½ full, and I hope it’s not because it can’t handle a bit library…

Does anyone have any input on this please?

I’ve got the latest firmware installed on the device.


It does get a bit slower, as drive/drives fill.

If you remove/interrupt  power to WD, it takes longer to start because of reloading your collection.

Just do a soft start/end and it is much faster.

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how do i do a soft start/end? Im just using the power off/on button on the remote when i start/stop.

^^When you turned your device off, does everything turn off? What I meant is does the green ethernet lights on the back of the unit still glow or light up green? There’s two ways to have this thing OFF:

1.) Off/Standby - by pressing the power button on your remote once and briefly. Lights from the back still glows or any USB attached devices will continue to glow if there are indicator lights. My 2.5 WD External Portable drive lights up even though it is off/standby mode. 

2.) OFF completely - by pressing and HOLD the power button until the WD light goes off on the device. Everything shuts off.

The latter usually takes longer to start because you are doing a cold-boot. If you want it to start quicker just have it on ‘standby’ by simply pressing the power button once quickly. If this doesn’t adhere then there is a problem with your HUB because this is a feature.

I usually just shut the unit completely OFF to conserve energy, it takes longer to start but I usually have the TV on first and settled in, then power up my receiver, by the time the HUB should be on and ready. No biggie.

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That must be it! I set it up on my Logitech Harmony One remote, I guess when that turns it off, it does that 2nd option of turning it completely off. I guess I’ll have to fiddle with the remote settings so that it just turns to standby then. *sighs*

Thanks for the help