Booting from WD Virtual CD

Hello there

I’ve been digging through the google to find the answer, but with no luck.

Is there a way to boot from WD Virtual CD? Furthermore, is there a way to put an ISO to it?

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i am interesting in it also. keep going on.

Yes its possible, have done it on a 2 gb  USB SD card , I can boot XP from the SD card or Xandros from my EEEPC 's  ssd. Check this forum  and also thier wiki


A store bought version of XP SP3 dose not allow booting from any USB device.

The procedure disscussed at the forum, involved making changes to XP SP3, so that it recognizes booting from USB.

However be prepared to spend some time, getting it right.

To boot from your WD get  liveusb-creator and start it with the switch --Force F: (or whatever your drive letter is).

Then you can install whatever ISO you like.