Bootable WD Elements drive

Hello , I was just wondering if it is possible to boot Windows 10 from a 4 tb WD Elements drive. So far I have had no luck .My media to copy Windows 10 works fine so thats not the problem . I have even cloned laptop drive to Wd Elements , although it completes susessfully , the drive fails to boot each time. I have tried creating the parttition with Diskpart and creating MBR ,however the efi boot wont let it boot from there. I am beginning to think its impossible . Anyone else had this problem and or know a fix . Kind regards Paul


You can see this KBA-

Thanks but I want to boot windows from a external drive. I can boot Zipp drive OK and I can clone drive , just says problem with boot drive .

This KBA says it may be possible … but WD don’t offer any support for it.

But apparently “Windows To Go” works according to WD

and some other light reading why USB hard drive don’t work as ‘Bootable’