Bootable for Cloning?

I’m considering the purchase of the G-Drive USB-C 1TB External Hard Drive.

Can these drives can used to store bootable, HD clones?

Also, are drives stackable, without causing heat issues between the stacked drives?


Noone works on the forum during the weekend and Monday was a holiday for the company.

To answer your question they can be used for clone backups as with any drive. Yes they are stackable without heating issues.

I wasn’t sure if the USB-C connectivity changed this external drives behavior. Your reply reaffirmed the G-Drive will suffice for my use.

Thanks for your reply

As an update, I received my G-Drive 1TB mobile USB-C on 3/1 and same day, ran my 1st clone (after formatting with Disk Utility and then, used SuperDuper’s Smart Update to clone about 400GB of data) of my new MacBook Pro 15 (4 USB-C ports, plus audio port) with 1TB PCIe-based SSD and macOS 10.12.3 installed. All was smooth. :sunglasses: