Bootable external HD

I have a WD MyPassport Ultra which I have been using as a Time Machine. Can I also use this drive with Carbon Copy Cloner by Bombich; and, has anyone used CCC and found it to be more reliable than Time Machine on a MBP OS 10.12.5? Thank you for any experience you can share.


The My passport Ultra is not listed as one of the WD drives that you can use as a bootable drive.

See if this helps

Thank you for your response- I appreciate your helping to direct me to that page, including the instructions.
I looked at the list of bootable and non-bootable drives and did not see the WD My Passport ULTRA.
So, Just for the fun of it and some more learning, I think I will wipe my drive and follow the guidelines for the partition for CCC and see what happens. If I am successful to have a bootable app on this drive (or not), I will reply.