Bootable CD and USB flash memory, which are not bootable


  1. I am using Western Digital and Seagate HDDs — (simple use, no dynamic nor RAID use). My PC reads and runs bootable media such as OS (Vista, XP) installing CDs, MiniTool Partition Wizard ver 5.2 bootable CD, KNOPPIX ver 6.0.1 bootable CD, KNOPPIX DVD ver 6.2 bootable USB flash memory.

  2. Notation
     [1]: Acronis True Image WD Edition  ver 13.0.14010
     [2]: DiscWizard  ver
     [3]: [1]'s bootable CD-RW
     [4]: [1]'s bootable USB flash memory
     [5]: [2]'s bootable CD-RW
     [6]: [2]'s bootable USB flash memory
     [cliche message]: “Starting Acronis loader …,  Acronis loader fatal error: Boot drive (partition) not found”

  3. I downloaded [1], and made [3] and [4]. At the boot sequence, after reading over the disc, [3] hung up at the program’s home screen. Key board or mouse did not work. At the boot sequence, [4] did not go ahead after writing [cliche message].

  4. The result of [2], [5], and [6] was the same as 3. above.

  5. My opinion !
     a. It is wasting time, money, individual efforts, and human activities worldwide for Western Digital/Seagete to let all users resolve this bootable media problem. Western Digital/Seagete should ask Acronis to write right Acronis True Image program so that all users can use bootable media without trouble.
     b. I think Acronis has known this bootable media problem for years but has not resolved the problem so as to boost own software business. 

 (I contributed the same contents to Seagate forum.)

Well I think this is a stripped down version of Acronis True Image 2009 that WD modified. I think the problem is in the drivers not being up to date. Acronis is now up to True image 2011. This free edition falls in a noman’s land for support. I use the paid version of  TI 2010 and have no problems. Did you look at the Acronis forum? You can try downloading the trial version 2011 and make the bootable cd from that. I think it will still work after trial expiratiion. I couldn’t get my sisters Dell laptop Windows 7 to boot from WD version but it does from 2010 disk. I saw the work around at Acronis forum. If you have a paid edition with boot problems they will make a special boot CD for you.



 [7]: Acronis True Image Home 2011 ver 14.0.6597 as trial install
 [8]: [7]'s bootable CD-RW
 [9]: [7]'s bootable USB flash memory

The result of [7], [8], and [9] was the same as Term 3. of Message 1.   — (Not successful ) —

Are your mouse and keyboard USB or wireless? Did you look on Acronis forums? I think there maybe drivers you need missing. I’ve used the WD and Acronis versions on XP Vista and Windows 7 with only one problem. My sister’s new Dell laptop would not boot from WD or 2009 TI disk. It booted fione from TI 2010. For paying customers Acronis does make individual boot disks. Try some other free ones  and



My PC’s mouse and keyboard are orthodox PS/2 interface type. At Acronis home page and forum site, a program module does not seem available unless I take a procedure to register and log in Acronis site, where I need a paid Acronis product.

I do not want to do software search like macrium, paragon, etc., for bootable media which are runnable on my PC instead of Acronis True Image bootable media.

I think my PC is nothing special as instances of bootable media which run on my PC. — See Term 1. of Message 1.

Many users and I just want to get ready-made bootable media from Acronis True Image WD Edition / DiscWizard.

Already there are many guides out there for creating Bootable KNOPPIX on USB Flash card or memory stick. Here, I am looking for a different but also important problem: getting DOS (Dr. DOS / OpenDOS / FreeDOS, etc.) to boot on USB Flash memory.

This will be useful for flashing motherboard BIOS (or display card BIOS). Also many recent notebook models just don’t bundle floppy drive anymore; Nor do I have any reason for owning floppy disks if I can have DOS bootable on USB memory card, and flash BIOS with it.

Here are the guides for creating bootable DOS on USB memory stick or Flash card.