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I would be sorry if I did not post my request in the right place. Please let me know where to post it, if at all.

I’m trying to understand how to start a classic NAS, i.e. the boot process from power on to loading the OS, step by step.

I want to understand what is stored in the firmware and what is on the hard drive. Where is the OS software stored? Hard in flashable/non-flashable memory (RAM/ROM)? When I intervene in the management console, does the software act on the RAM/ROM or on the hard disk?
Is there a “user-friendly” NAS boot management console, a bit like the BIOS of the computer, whose function is to interactively act on the BIOS parameters (boot disk, identification of the machine’s hardware components, etc.) before the OS is launched.

This is a beginner’s request…

Thank you very much.

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Not to be nasty, but, that’s the reason they make books and those can be bought at your nearest book store. I myself use Barnes and Noble. I am also not going to rewrite what can be bought. Have you used your favorite search engine such as Bing or Google and read about all this. You can also check out, How Stuff Works.

Here’s a starter for you. Boot Definition (

You can search Tech Terms too, to find more information probable on each item you mentioned.

Tech | HowStuffWorks

Very kind of you. I didn’t know that bookstores sold books. I also didn’t know that Google and Bing existed. We French are a bit backward and uneducated.

At 58 years old, I don’t plan to train as a computer engineer or to acquire a library. I have not found anything that satisfies me via search engines, I just ask for a little help, nothing more.

You were not nasty. Just a little condescending. I’ll get over it! You annoyed me but you didn’t offend me. I’m sorry I don’t have your level of knowledge and expertise. No, but then!


Are you looking to BUY a unit or to BUILD a unit?

If BUILD. . . .then the sky is the limit. You want TrueNas (or some such) software. . . .which will run on a Linux platform. The Linux platform could be a Rasberry Pi; or a Server class PC, or an old junker machine. WAY too much to go into here.

If you want to BUY. . . then just shaddup-and-buy a WD EX2 Ultra and think no further. (Synology or Qnap are prime competitors). If you want to research. . .youtube and search “NAS Reviews” will get you in the right direction.

Either way: NAS is Part of a data solution. All data needs to be backed up on an independent device; preferably one that is not under the same roof.