Boot loop when connected to composit out (AV out) but not when HDMI?

Running 1.13.18 firmware.  When connected to a older CRT TV with the original AV cable the unit goes into a constant boot loop.  The first splash screen shows up, then the second and sometimes the main menu will for a second then a reboot.  I’ve tried hitting the reset button, then going thru the menu setting up language, wireless network, time zone, etc…but have the same results.

If I plug it in via HDMI to another TV it works fine.

I need to have it work on both TV’s.  Any help or suggestions would be great.

I’m switching between CRT and flat TV on a regular basis and never experiened anything like this. The only thing I can think of would be autoplay but that’s not set to on, right?

No, auto play is set to off.

It will work sometimes for a day or two, then I go to use it and it goes into a boot loop.  I never have this problem when connected to HDMI.