Boot disk recovery only sees virtual WD drive-not main drive with backup image

My computer reads the WD My Book external hard drive (EHD) with the virtual partition (i.e. WD unlocker) as E: and the main partition as G: drive. Testing the recovery software with Windows 10 running normally, everything is fine. However, during recovery using the recovery boot disk and UEFI interface, the EHD is not visible if it’s password protected. The software does not ask for a password and just simply does not recognize it. If I remove the password with WD Security, then the E: drive is visible and not the G: drive. As the backup information is on the G: drive, I can’t access the files using the boot disk.

So how do I get the recovery software, while using he boot up disk recovery, to see the G: drive? I’m assuming the virtual partition with WD Unlocker is somehow preventing the boot up software to see the G: drive. Can the partition be deleted? What else can I try?

I don’t mind erasing all the data on the EHD so I can start from new. It’s just useless right now if I can’t count on being able to see the drive with a recovery disk.

My computer is a Dell desktop, NFTS, basic, GPT, UEFI.
My Book is NFTS, basic, MBR, 4 TB


Hi I3670,

The WD unlocker CD drive icon appears when you setup the password on the drive using WD Security and after connecting the drive with computer. It shows the WD Unlocker icon. Clicking on the icon lets to enter the password setup on the drive to unlock the drive.

You should refer the link given below to troubleshoot for such issue with WD My Book drive.

However, you should try removing the WD Security password from the drive first. Then, remove disable the Virtual CD icon by referring the links given below.

The solution was to re-format the EHD, eliminating the WD created partitions, and all WD and Acronis software. Now it works fine with Windows 10 and a different back up software program.