Bookmark Folder & File Not Created on Network Share

Hi all,

I have recently migrated my data from a Windows Home Server 2011 environment to Windows Server 2012 Essentials.  At the same time I also upgraded my WD TV Live to the latest firmware - v1.06.43.

All services have remained functional except the ability for my WD TV Live to write the “.wd_tv” folder and “video_resume_point_table” bookmark file to the root of network shares.

As with the previous OS, the WD TV Live connects to SMB shares on the server and streams files with a service account.  This service account has Modify (read/write) access to all media shares and directories.

I have had a look online, however I haven’t been able to locate anyone with similar “bookmark file” issues.  Some people say that WD TV Lives are unable to connect to PCs that are on a domain at all, although I hope this is not the case as it partially works for me.

Media plays back fine, however no bookmark file is created to resume playback at a later time.

I have performed the following as troubleshooting:

-Statically set IP addresses on the Server and WD TV Live.

-Enabled NetBIOS over TCP/IP on the Server.

-Ensure the shares permissions themselves have “Everyone” asset to Full Control.

-Ensured the service account has NTFS write access to all media shares, directories and files.

-Downgraded my WD TV Live to the next available firmware - v1.06.15.

-Set the WORKGROUP on the WD TV Live to my domain name on the Server.

-Entered the service account on the WD TV as “username” and “username@domain”.

-Created a “fresh” test share to isolate file/folder ownership issues.

At this stage I have not tried disabling the firewall on the Server.

Do you have any other suggestions for me to try, if so what are they?

Secondly, has anyone successfully got their WD TV Live to create the bookmark folder and file on a server that is connected to a domain?

Thirdly, does the current model, the WD TV Streaming, suffer from the same issue?

I look forward to any response, no matter how small or little chance you think it may be.

Thank you for your time,


Are you talking about DVDs?

The video_resume_point_table files are only created for resuming DVD media in DVD mode  (ISOs  / VIDEO_TS type.)

No other media types use resume points.


Thank you so much for the fast reply!

Unfortunately, no I’m not.  In this case I am referring to pretty much any video file on my network shares.  E.g. .avi, .mp4. mov etc.

When my WD TV Live was connected to my Windows Home Server 2011 server it created the bookmark folder and file and amened it for any video file that was not played in entirety.  This allowed me to resume playback of files the next day where I left off.

Would you like me to post a sample of the content from this file?



Yeah, that’d be helpful.


Ok, this is where the “video_resume_point_table” file is normally located:


And looks like this when opened:


 *Inserted as picture due to forum censoring parts of text*



TonyPh12345 wrote:
No other media types use resume points.

Actually, this is the contents of my .wd_tv/video_resume_point_table (media library off):


Yeah, I remember it doing it for local storage, but not for NAS. I guess I am mistaken.