Book Covers for my MyBook and MyCloud on my Bookshelf

So seeing that WD has wonderfully created their devices to be book like enclosures, I decided to put book covers on them to hide the fact that my data is sitting on my shelf. I thought of printing out some covers on my inkjet printer but after looking through my bookshelf I decided to tear off some book covers instead. Yes, I know that this is sacrilegious, but the ends justifies the means :stuck_out_tongue:

Lets see if I can imbed my animated gif here… if not you will just have to imagine them until I find a means to upload the photos.

 can you spot the WD drives in this photo?

and thee unveiling… 


What abou heat?

I checked to make sure that the covers don’t go all the way down to the feet where air is being sucked up. Noticed that the book next to the drive is leaning with a large gap. 

Ran the drives all day yesterday and the drives were just warm.