Book causes computer to crash right after it mounts

I’ve been using my 1T book as my time machine backup connected to my imac running Mountain LIon.  Worked fine.  Got a new Airport Extreme router and decided to use the Book through the Router.  Turns out, you can’ run time machine with an external harddrive connected to Airport, so I plugged the Book Back into my computer.  As soon as it mounts, the system crashes.  Tried this 6 times in different ports and on different computers.  Worked with apple support for more than an hour and we can’t figure out how I can erase and reformat the Book so I can start fresh.  No one knows why it started acting up after I tried to use it through the Airport.  Net, how can I erase/reformat if it keeps causing the system to crash (even in safe mode).

Test the drive using disk utility

the drive seems to have gotten corrupted when connected to the router