Bonjour Protocol issue

Hi Folks,

First message on your board (hope this is not an already solved issue :P, I made a quick search but I did not find nothing about)

I’m an italian owner of a WD TV Live and I’m pround of it!

I just have seen that there is an annoying issue related to the bonjour protocol.

first of all my LAN config:

  • Router ADSL2+ Netgear DG834Gv5

    - iMac

    - WD TV Live

    - Airport Extreme (wired connected, WiFi not configured)

        - WD MyStudio 2TB (connected and shared using the USB port on the Airport)

The WD takes EXACTELY10 minutes to recognize the Airport peripherals.

This is not a big issue but it’s just… annoying

Once recognized everything goes fine and there are no other problems.

This happends only with bonjour, SMB is recognized in a snap (DNLA can’t be tested since I have no DNLA peripherals)

A curious thing is that the WD is recognized by OSX Finder and iTunes… it seems to be as issue addressed only to the shares.

I made a tet sharing a folder on the iMac only on bonjour… and the WD takes 10 mins to recognize it…

A friend of mine has the same issue.

Does anyone have an idea about how to fix this issue?

Sharing using SMB is not a solution since Airport only works with Bonjour :wink:

Thanks to all!


Why don’t you also ask the Airport makers to support Samba. It is a standard that should be supported… Al

(Bumping this rather than starting a new topic)

I don’t quite get what the WD TV Live is up to with its network discovery code. Using “bonjour browser” I can see my MacBook Pro and Airport Extreme shared drive shared using Apple File Sharing, and also both of those plus the WDTVLIVE shared using Samba.

So why can’t the WD TV Live? What’s with this frequently-reported 10 minute timeout period?

Alternatively, why can’t we just configure the network servers via the UI instead of waiting on the unreliable discovery process to complete?

Don’t get me wrong: I love the WD TV Live when it’s all connected & working, but it seems like the networking side needs some work.