Bonjour not bringing up Login page to Network Storage Manager

I can’t get to the Network Storage Manager on my MyBookWorld (White Light) 1TB drive anymore on a MacBook running OS X Lion 10.7.4

MyBookWorld shows up in Bonjour, but when I click on it, it tries to go to:   http://mybookworld.local./index.php  and never gets there, never brings up the Login screen or anything. Safari just keeps spinning… 

If you have the my book connected to a router try connecting it directly to the MAC.

I tried connecting the MyBook directly to the MacBook. Same result…no Network Storage Manager comes up.

Problem solved. I finally figured out what was interfering with Bonjour mDNS service. I uninstalled an anti-virus program I had installed several months ago, but didn’t need, and voila…Bonjour worked again.