Bnew HDD (WD10EZEX) RAW Format

Hello Everyone, I’m experiencing an awful situation regarding my newly built PC.

I have WD10EZEX (WD Blue 1TB) for my secondary drive for games and backup newly bought. So as the standard procedure of making it useable, I need to initialize a new volume and format it to NTFS. But suddenly while formatting the HDD, a power outage happened for about 20 seconds which interrupts the HDD formatting. It still detects by the BIOS and the Disk Management program but when I format it via Disk Management it fails to format and labeled as RAW format. I’ve tried diskpart method and chkdsk, still doesn’t fix my problem. Anyone can help me? Thanks.

(As much as possible I don’t want to place an RMA because of tedious process in times of pandemic)


We would recommend you perform a diagnostic test on the drive to determine the optimal health of the drive by following the KBA article: